Sylvia Renick grew up in a military family and spent her youth in Europe and America. Living in new and different places was a way of life and has had a direct impact on her way of “seeing” her surrounding. As the French say, the more things change the more they are the same. While the frequent moves were not always welcome, the day to day aspect of life was the same everythere. While it assumed different shapes, colors and sounds, these soon became familiar and comfortable.
I still treasure that first moment of newness when everything has the disconnected look and feel of an abstract painting. As time goes on all the shapes and colors fall into place and become as familiar and realistic as a mirrored image.
She was given her first camera for her 7th birthday shortly after moving to France but fell in love with photography during her journalism studies. Soon she realized her visual imagery had more power than her prose. While she never put down her camera it wasn’t until many years later that she began working as a full-time photographer, balancing her efforts between portrait work and nature photography.
I love photography because it reinforces my belief that we are all connected and part of one big vibrant amazing life force. Recording what I see through my viewfinder has let me intensely experience the ahs/awes of life. Discovering the world through images has shown me that life is in the details.